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Flames of Herakleitos by Bob Lock

Flames of Herakleitos by Bob Lock

It’s 1969 and a four year old girl witnesses the terrifying death of her father, which is attributed to Spontaneous Human Combustion. Thirty years pass and Lucy Fenton is taken to a parallel world where everything she has ever known is turned on its head.


Luther Krell was a mage, and like all of his kind hated being rushed. Yet as he sat in his workshop, he dwelt on the fact that a commission was a commission, and as his reputation was at stake, he had put caution aside and accepted the work. Normally he would have fasted three days for the task required but necessity had made him cut it down to two. The meat was easy to find and he ground the rotting flesh up in the bowl with his mortar. Krell, the golem-creator was nothing if not methodical. The meat he used gradually transformed into a thick, reddish brown paste. The stench permeated his small room, stuck to his clothes, and even seemed to cling to his very skin. It was a good batch, and a good omen. His next golem would be powerful.

Many potential mages, or thaumaturgists as they preferred being called, made animated beings. Thaumaturgy invoked images of miracle-workers or life-givers. However, none had yet discovered his method of life-giving. Many thaumaturgists succeeded in creating passable golems, but only Krell’s were robust and refined. Not one had been lost in all the time he had been creating them. They had become the pinnacle of animated clay perfection. All-conquering, yet submissive and subservient to their owner. The perfect bodyguards, assassins, or if wanted, common work-horse.

About the Author

Bob Lock is a Gower-born Welshman who spends his retirement writing short stories and the occasional novel. His work includes a dark fantasy novel, Flames of Herakleitos (also published by Screaming Dreams), a SF novella, A Cloud Of Madness and works in anthologies such as Cold Cuts 1&2, Cone Zero, Cern Zoo and Null Immortalis.

Author's Homepage : www.scifi-tales.com

About the Cover Artist

Steve Upham enjoys all things creative, including drawing, painting, digital art, photography and much more. He is also the editor/publisher at Screaming Dreams of course! Please get in touch if you are interested in commissioning cover artwork.


Cover art by Steve Upham

ISBN : 978-0-9555185-1-5
Paperback : 203x127mm : 360pp

RRP : £9.99

£5.99 (+ postage)




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